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Intelligent heat exchanging energy-saving solution for BTS

To lower down the power consumption for BTS cooling, heat exchanging is one of the options. It’s a kind of indirect free cooling to use the natural cool source, usually common used in cold zone. Envicool provides two kinds of solutions, one is the air-to-air heat exchanging solution, and the heat pipe solution. Comparing to the direct free cooling, both of two solutions have the benefit of the no-filter design and the high air cleanness because the BTS room is remained as a closing room as CRAC solution before. As a balance, the energy-saving rate is lower than direct free cooling due to the exchanging lost of the heat exchanging core. Even so, the efficiency (with EER as high as 11.0) is still much higher than CRAC (with EER around 2.5~3.0), especially in cold regions with the ambient temperature under 15 degree frequently.

Envicool invested in the heat exchanging technology for long years and applied this technology in our outdoor cabinet cooling solution and the data center energy-saving solution as well. Our controller has the powerful function to control the HEX system and co-operating with CRAC system at the same time, while report the cooling system’s status/alarm to the center through its communication interface.

No-filter design means very limit regular maintenance required for the heat exchanging systems and the user has a very low Opex, the same time with the significant power consumption saving. The humidity control of data center will be also keep the same as before and be easier.