50W/K Air/Water Heat Exchanger
Tailored for dust & oil pollution environment
With the help of the circulating low-temperature cooling water in the air/water heat exchanger, the high heat inside the cabinet is directly transferred to the outdoor environment, which will not increase the temperature in the surrounding environment, and the dust and oil in the harsh environment cannot be absorbed by the fan and the surface of the heat exchanger can maintain the internal temperature of the cabinet for a longer period of time.
Tailored for dust & oil pollution environment


Wide working temperature range from 1℃ to 70℃
Can be connected to the background via RS485 interface and realize intelligent group control
Small size, support external and full embedded installation, easy to integrate with the cabinet
High reliability, non-stop for 10 years
Anti-rust, IP55


Textile Industry
Renewable Energy
Processing Industry
Transportation Technology
Medical Industry
Mechanical Engineering
Food & Beverage Industry
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50W/K Air/Water Heat Exchanger
  • Model nameEIX05CPNC1A
  • Cooling capacity @L35W 10,400l/h 500W
  • Power supply1~,220V,50/60Hz
  • Dimension280(W)*550(H)*145(D)mm
  • Max. current@50/60Hz0.18/0.18A
  • Cooling mediumWater
  • Working temp. range1℃~ 70℃
  • IP gradeIP55
  • Weight8KG
  • ColorRAL 7035