Ceiling Air Environment Unit
Ceiling mounted 360° uniform air supply

Indoor temperature control

Inverter air conditioner with heating and cooling capacity 10kW

Indoor fresh air

High-efficient energy-saving thermal management technology

Air disinfection

Fully enclosed UV photocatalyst sterilization, coexistence of man and machine

Air purification

Double air purification with high efficient HEPA filter + negative ion

EMPC patent technology

Real-time monitoring, predicting changes in air quality and actively adjusting

3 control modes

Local line control     IOT group control     Remote cloud control

Ceiling mounted 360° uniform air supply


Air Disinfection
Indoor Fresh Air
Air Purification
Air Inspection
EBC Multi Phase Control Patent Technology


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Ceiling Air Environment Unit-HK1207XA11
  • ModelHK1207XA11
  • Power supply220V 50Hz
  • Cooling capacity10(3.0-12.5)kW
  • Heating capacity10(3.0-12.5)kW
  • Rated cooling capacity2.65kW
  • Air volume1800m3/h
  • Fresh air volume600m3/h
  • RefrigerantR410A
  • Max. heat recovery efficiency80%
  • Sterilization rate99.05%
  • Particulates CADR1063.3m3/h
  • Removing formaldehyde & TVOCYES
  • Detecting CO2, PM2.5YES
  • Noise level of indoor unit42-52dB
  • Dimension H x W x D (mm)Ceiling indoor unit: 450x850x850, outdoor unit:1250x980x360 FA unit:425x980x465, heat recovery component: 310x990x681