Wall Mounted Air Environment Unit
Six unit in one
Air disinfection  No secondary pollution

Innovative use of APD disinfection module, through high-energy electrons, destroy the bacterial cell structure and virus protein molecules, continue to efficiently kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate air hazards.

Air purification   Free without consumables

The APD purification module uses microporous electrostatic adsorption technology to filter out PM2.5, pollen, catkins, pet hair and other particulate pollution and allergens for a long time, protecting respiratory health.
Intelligent humidity control  Just right humidity in all
Automatically detect and intelligently control the indoor temperature, keep it within the comfort zone of 40%-60% somatosensory, awaken skin activity, and maintain warmth and nourishment.
Six unit in one


Smart Humidity Control
40%~60% indoor humidity
Air Disinfection
99.9% sterilization rate
Precision Temperature Control
±0.1°C precise temperature control
Air Inspection
Real-time detection of temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, formaldehyde, TVOC
Indoor Fresh Air
Fresh air volume: 100㎥/h
Air Purification
Particulates CADR: 447.6㎥/h
EBC Multi Phase Control Patent Technology


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Wall Mounted Air Environment Unit-HK5201
  • Model nameHK5201
  • Frequency Linear Direct Frequency Conversion
  • Power supply220V~, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated cooling capacity3500(500-4900)W
  • Rated heating capacity4800(500-5500)W
  • Power consumption800W
  • Circulating air volume630㎥/h
  • Fresh air volume100㎥/h
  • Virus removal rateSterilization rate 99.9%, H1N1 removal rate 99.9%, EV 71 killing rate 99.9%, poliomyelitis virus killing rate 99.9%
  • Particulates matter CADR447.6㎥/h
  • Disinfection & purification methodAPD disinfection & purification
  • Air inspectionTemperature, humidity, formaldhyde, TVOC, CO2, PM2.5
  • Noise level23-42[dB(A)]
  • Humidification amount220ml/h
  • CompositionIndoor unit, outdoor unit, remote controller, smart humidifier
  • Hole sizeFresh air hole Φ89mm, air conditioner hole Φ65mm
  • DimensionIndoor unit: 1130 x 343 x 340mm, outdoor unit: 780 x 270 x 560mm