Ceiling Air Environment Unit
Ceiling mounted 360° even air supply

Indoor temperature control

Inverter air conditioner with heating and cooling capacity 10kW

Indoor fresh air

High-efficient energy-saving thermal management technology

Air disinfection

Fully enclosed UV photocatalyst sterilization, coexistence of man and machine

Air purification

Double air purification with high efficient HEPA filter + negative ion

EMPC patent technology

Real-time monitoring, predicting changes in air quality and actively adjusting

3 control modes

Local line control     IOT group control     Remote cloud control

Ceiling mounted 360° even air supply


Air Purification
CADR value up to 1063m3/h
Air Disinfection
Bacteria removal rate 99.05%, H1N1 killing rate 99.76%
Indoor Fresh Air
Controllable temperature and clean fresh air
Temperature Control
LDFC technology, high efficient and energy saving
Air Inspection
Temperature, humidity, formaldhyde, TVOC, CO2, PM2.5
EBC Multi Phase Control Patent Technology


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Ceiling Air Environment Unit-HK1510XA11
  • Model nameHK1510XA11
  • Power supply380V 50Hz
  • Cooling capacity10(2.5-15.0)kW
  • Heating capacity10(2.0-15.0)kW
  • Rated cooling capacity2.95kW
  • Air volume2000m3/h
  • Fresh air volume1000m3/h
  • RefrigerantR410A
  • Max. heat recovery efficiency80%
  • Sterilization rate99.05%
  • Particulates CADR1063.3m3/h
  • Removing formaldehyde & TVOCYES
  • Detecting CO2, PM2.5YES
  • Noise level of indoor unit42-52dB
  • Dimension H x W x D (mm)Ceiling indoor unit: 450x850x850, outdoor unit: 1250x980x360, FA unit: 425x980x465, heat recovery component: 310x990x681