Liquid-cooled CDU
The heat exchange is carried out through the plate exchange, the cooled liquid is sent to the heat source to absorb heat, and the liquid with the heat enters the plate exchange for heat exchange


Easy Installation
Low Consumption
Anti Corrosion
Smart Management
High Reliability
  • Model nameCDU300PC7
  • Power supply 380V 3Ph 50Hz
  • Cooling capacity305kW
  • Material304 Stainless Steel
  • Water temperature of primary side35°C
  • Liquid temperature of secondary supply43°C
  • Secondary water flow(Ethylene glycol)320l/min
  • Available pump flow on secondary side≥1.0bar
  • Operating power consumption2.8kW
  • Net weight350kg
  • Dimension60 x 1050 x 2000mm
  • Communication protocolModbus/SNMP