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Energy saving by 30% and 40 minutes to complete the transformation, Envicool launches ES Series smart cabinet!

03-13, 2023

As global demand for computing power continues to escalate, the construction of data centers continues to accelerate. Under the background of dual carbon, the task of carbon reduction in the data center industry is also becoming increasingly arduous.


Now, new data centers can be designed with a PUE target at the beginning, but existing data centers need to be transformed, especially small and medium-sized data centers. Various factors such as the transformation cycle, downtime loss, return on investment, etc., often make the transformation difficult to start.


Recently, Envicool officially launched the ES series smart cabinet to provide advanced solutions for the data center transformation and enable data centers to better achieve carbon reduction goals.


It adopts frequency conversion, energy saving, intelligent operation and maintenance technology to reduce the standby consumption of refrigeration equipment in the computer room. Without changing the environment pattern of the computer room, it can help the high-energy-consuming computer room to quickly reduce the PUE, making the energy-saving transformation of the computer room more stable, more cost-effective and faster!


As a new product for the energy-saving transformation of computer rooms, Envicool ES series smart cabinet has been maturely used in multiple data center computer rooms.


High reliability, full modes and more stable


Envicool ES series cabinet has two modes: conventional mode and energy-saving mode. It can automatically switch between two modes remotely.


At the same time, it pays attention to avoiding harmonic interference, and effectively reduces the occurrence of eddy current, hysteresis loss, noise, etc., so as to improve the safety and reliability of the application environment.


In addition, the product comes standard with RS485 communication interface, Modbus communication protocol and optional GPRS module. Good scalability facilitates the continuous upgrade of subsequent ES series cabinets.


Intelligent, frequency conversion and power saving


Envicool ES series smart cabinet is equipped with an independent fan speed control frequency converter, which can reduce power consumption caused by temperature fluctuations. Moreover, it can improve the accuracy of the air supply temperature and make the temperature control of the computer room more accurate. According to the actual measurement data of Envicool, through frequency conversion control, the average annual energy saving rate of fan speed control frequency converter can reach 30% or more, and can greatly extend the life of the compressor.


Moreover, through the characteristics of intelligent adjustment and online adjustment, it can realize remote equipment maintenance, automatic temperature control all year round, and reduce maintenance costs.


Fast and simple transformation in 40 minutes


By configuring Envicool ES series cabinet, it only takes 40 minutes to complete the energy-saving transformation while meeting the environmental requirements of the computer room.


It can be installed one-to-one with the HVAC, without opening holes in the wall, and there is no problem of letting water and dust into the computer room. It makes the transformation of the computer room safe and simple.


In addition, the overall transformation does not affect the power distribution of the computer room, the installation point does not affect the fire protection and lighting, and does not affect the normal maintenance of the HVAC. The energy-saving period of the ES series smart cabinet is synchronized with the service period of the HVAC, and it can be used immediately after installation without special maintenance.


It is time to save energy and reduce consumption in the data center! As a thermal management expert, Envicool will not only strive to create the best energy-saving thermal management scheme for the data center, but also continue to use professional cooling technology to help the development of various industries!