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Envicool Coolinside had a great show at DCW London 2023!

03-13, 2023

On March 8, Data Centre World (DCW) 2023 was held in London as scheduled on the theme of "People, Environment & Innovation". At the exhibition, Coolinside- the full-chain liquid cooling solution initiated by Envicool attracted great interest from exhibitors.


Envicool Coolinside full-chain liquid cooling solution includes cabinet, CDU, quick disconnect couplings, cold plate, Soluking- long-term liquid cooling medium, etc. It can realize full scene coverage, full chain autonomy and full cycle service.


At present, Envicool has achieved a series of technological breakthroughs in the field of liquid cooling.For example, Innovative design of cold plate heat exchange and flow channel, optimization verification of joint material and sealing structure, optimization of pipeline production and assembly process, continuous improvement of CDU performance, etc.


Envicool first liquid cooling server integrates 6 solutions, including: server-level solution, cabinet-level solution, integrated cabinet-level solution, data center-level solution, high efficient air cooling solution, and immersion liquid cooling solution.


Envicool is deeply involved in every step of the liquid cooling system, and continuously optimizes technology and products for different application scenarios. In addition, every detail under the working conditions of the whole chain is strictly controlled to ensure the stability of the scheme.


Coolinside full-chain liquid cooling solution is independently developed, produced, delivered and serviced by Envicool, which fully meets the new planning requirements of the data center, and provides high-quality services covering the entire life cycle.


Envicool Coolinside full-chain liquid cooling solution provides functions such as compatibility analysis of liquid-contact materials, liquid cooling working fluid detection, full-chain liquid leakage detection, and AI linkage control of liquid cooling systems.


For a long time, Envicool has adhered to the orientation of technology and innovation, and has continuously developed new technologies, new products and new solutions with market value. In the future, Envicool will continue to contribute to the green environment.