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Envicool launches 3D-TVC: powering 5G, improving average temperature performance by 80% and reducing volume by 30%.

10-27, 2023

In order to efficiently solve the heat dissipation problem of 5G base station equipment and meet the needs of accelerating the large-scale implementation, Envicool has launched a new 3D-TVC zero-power consumption liquid cooling solution on October 13th. It has become a new choice for heat dissipation of 5G communication equipment with improving average temperature performance by 80%, reducing volume by 30% and reducing weight by more than 10%.

3D-TVC (3D-Thermosyphon Vacuum Chamber) refers to a three-dimensional thermosyphon system, which adopts a precise three-dimensional structure and uses the phase change of the coolant to achieve efficient heat dissipation based on the principle of thermosyphon vacuum chamber.

Envicool 3D-TVC solution replaces the metal die-casting structure with an aluminum vacuum cavity substrate filled with coolant, and uses the phase change of the coolant to achieve a cooling cycle, significantly reducing the weight of the radiator and realizing three-dimensional dynamic average temperature.

Snipe hot spots, average temperature dynamic balance

There are three major heat dissipation capacity characteristics of 3D-TVC solution: Firstly, it breaks through the constraints of the capillary force limit and the area constraints of the two-dimensional plane. The second is to adopt an overall integrated structure, making coolant evaporating and condensing in the vacuum chamber. Thirdly, there are no connecting links, and the heat can be transmitted evenly to the entire cavity of the heat dissipation fins at any time, no matter how big the heat source is.

At the same time, 3D-TVC solution makes full use of the nucleate boiling principle for heat dissipation which is hundreds of times the capillary force limit, covering the heat generated by the base station more easily.

Positive R&D, professional guarantee

Thermosyphon heat dissipation is not a new technology, and the reason why it has not been widely used in the telecom industry is mainly because it is very difficult to manufacture large-size thermosyphon heat sinks.

However, Envicool has expert team with rich technical background and industrial experience in heat transfer, materials, heat dissipation module and process design. Relying on our own complete processing and testing platform, Envicool can ensure product quality effectively, which is also a necessary condition for 3D-TVC solution to be used in batches to dissipate high-power equipment in the telecom industry.

Applicable in many fields, broad prospects

In 5G communication application scenarios, Envicool 3D-TVC solution is fully compatible with harsh environments such as mountains, forests, deserts, islands, high altitudes, high latitudes and high salt spray, etc. And it can adapt to extreme weather such as extreme cold, extreme heat, heavy rain, strong winds, rain and snow, etc.

Besides, 3D-TVC solution is also suitable for efficient heat dissipation in servers, energy storage, charging piles and power electronics, etc. Especially for projects where the heat loss of IGBT modules exceeds 10kW, it can achieve more significant temperature control effects.

Nowadays, digital transformation is accelerating in all fields, and the problem of efficient heat dissipation of equipment has become increasingly prominent. Envicool will accelerate market promotion and seek larger-scale applications of the 3D-TVC zero-power phase-change liquid cooling solution in more industries and scenarios, providing professional support for precision temperature control to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.