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Envicool SoluKing liquid coolant dedicated to ESS protects the underlying safety with excellent performance!

10-20, 2023

The new national standard for ESS, "Safety Code of Electrochemical Energy Storage Station" (GB/T 42288-2022), has been implemented on July 1st. The safety requirements have been further standardized and improved for ESS power stations, and requirements for coolant have been put forward: "The air conditioning system should be regularly inspected and refilled with coolant" (Article 6.5.3). If traditional vehicle antifreeze is used as the liquid coolant, frequent inspections and refills of coolant will be required, increasing costs and safety risks.

Envicool SoluKing liquid coolant is long-term reliable and needs no frequent filling, it plays an important role in the safety of the liquid cooling system for ESS power stations. Applying 5 times corrosion-resistant technology, it provides 9 layers of protection, including full-chain material analysis, metal compatibility, non-metal compatibility, anti-bubble, anti-bacteria, anti-scaling, non-destructive anti-corrosion, anti-rapid consumption, non-destructive heat exchange, etc. And the corrosion resistance can reach the traditional vehicle antifreeze 5-10 times more, ensuring that the liquid coolant is highly reliable and efficient in matching to the ESS liquid cooling systems.

Envicool SoluKing Liquid Coolant

In the delivery process, Envicool has launched a fully automatic liquid injection method to realize vacuum liquid injection and intelligent start-and-stop, while the efficiency is more than doubled compared to traditional liquid injection methods. In terms of service, Envicool provides regular testing services for liquid coolant through on-site sampling by the local service team and comprehensive testing by the professional physical & chemical laboratory at the headquarter.

Envicool SoluKing liquid coolant targets the potential risks of ESS liquid cooling and provides a long-term reliable application environment for power stations. Its safety performance has been verified in batch applications, ensuring the underlying security of the ESS.

The Windmagics 50MW/100MWh liquid cooling energy storage project, which was applied with Envicool BattCool ESS one-stop liquid cooling solution, contributes to Wuhan’s power supply during the peak summer as an important peak-shaving resource in Hubei Province. In addition to being equipped with chiller, pipeline, Manifold, quick coupling, etc., it also took the lead in applying Envicool SoluKing liquid coolant.

The Windmagics 50MW/100MWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project

The 100MW/200MWh liquid cooling energy storage project in Ningxia Province, has a large temperature difference between day and night with rapid weather changes. Envicool SoluKing liquid coolant can still effectively ensure the reliable operation of the ESS liquid cooling in this severe environment.

The 100MW/200MWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project in Ningxia Province

As an important link in Envicool BattCool energy storage one-stop liquid cooling solution, SoluKing liquid coolant combines with chiller, pipeline, Manifold and quick coupling together to form a "full chain no leakage" safety environment, providing multiple guarantees of efficient liquid cooling and intelligent temperature control for ESS power stations.

In the future, Envicool will continue to delve into the field of energy storage temperature control technology for sustainable development, contributing to the transformation of the global energy structure through continuous technological innovation and application expansion.