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Happy 18th birthday, Envicool!

08-18, 2023

On August 15, 2005, Envicool was founded! And it has been established for 18 years by now! Over the past 18 years, Envicool has striven to be the first, and has continued to innovate!


To celebrate the 18th anniversary, from July 3rd, Envicool launched a series of themed activities. Focusing on the three themes of co-creating knowledge, empathizing with the heart and sharing joy, a series of activities such as "Masters Tournament", "Envicool Music Party" and "Club Member Competition" were planned.


On the evening of August 18th, Envicooler held a series of theme activities for 18th Anniversary in Shenzhen headquarters. The event was officially pushed to its climax at the "Envicool Music Party".


The Music Party started with awards ceremony for the 12 winning teams and 10 outstanding organizing teams in the “Masters Tournament”.


18-years-old means adulthood, and it means that a person should be gradually mature, have a well-thought-out plan, and a well-organized way of doing things. On the awarding platform, the Envicooler delivered their acceptance speeches, wishing Envicool a happy 18th birthday! Chairman Qi Yong personally presented the prize to the first prize team of the "Master Tournament". He said: "With the efforts of all Envicoolers, Envicool has embarked on a unique development path. We are fully confident that Envicool will become a world-class enterprise!"


In the chorus of President Qi and colleagues at the scene, the "Envicoo Music party" officially started!


On the stage, Envicooler performed the youthful enthusiasm of the exclusive Envicool color with singing. Off the stage, Envicooler danced for their enthusiasm and celebrated their dreams along with the music.


Birthday is not only for commemoration, but also for forecast of a better future! Let’s look forward to an even better Envicool!