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Envicool launches XSpace Modular Data Center!

06-10, 2023

On May 31, Envicool launched the new generation of XSpace modular data center, which doubled the revenue of customers from deployment, carbon reduction, operation and maintenance.


With the accelerated development of digitalization, all industries have higher and higher requirements for modular data centers. Currently, problems like poor scalability, high energy consumption, difficult operation and maintenance gradually emerging in the modular product market. In response to these problems, Envicool has comprehensively upgraded the new generation of modular data center to continuously improve energy efficiency and help customers reduce costs.


At the conference, Envicool product managers Mr. Cai and Mr. Li respectively introduced the new-generation XSpace modular data center and in-row cooling XRow 4.0.


Flexible configuration and rapid deployment


Through flexible solution configuration, Envicool new generation XSpace modular data center can perfectly help customers solve the land shortage, long building cycle, personalized requirements, etc, helping customers realize rapid deployment.


Envicool has provided many innovative solutions to meet the requirements for floor height, load-bearing capacity, and other aspects of computer room renovation. Efficient space design through BIM and CFD simulation can reduce design and operation costs to a certain extent to extend service life.


Envicool can provide a modular demand matching system, allowing customers to configure according to their needs. More importantly, Envicool can customize for customers regardless of the size of the computer room.


Upgrade energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions


The most important upgradation of this new product is the installation of Envicool XRow4.0 in-row air conditioner. Through continuous iteration, XRow4.0 has achieved the technical goal of AEER as 10 and PUE as low as 1.15, effectively promoting the dual carbon target. Breakthroughs in a series of innovative technologies such as application devices, 3D air duct dynamic temperature equalization, and intelligent monitoring of refrigerant leakage have helped products achieve intelligent and stable control of temperature and humidity.


Moreover, XSpace adopts Envicool XFreeCooling technology, achieving efficient energy conservation throughout the year. Envicool even offer more energy-efficient and flexible plug-in liquid cooling solutions, which can meet customers' different heat densities and thermal mixing needs. The design of Envicool EP series modular UPS enables IECO to achieve an efficiency of up to 99.5% in online compensation energy-saving mode.


XSpace can help customers effectively improve their revenue in terms of energy efficiency. Taking a 100 kW computer room as an example, it can save up to 200,000 RMB in electricity bills annually.


Dynamic environment monitoring upgradation, convenient operation and maintenance


In this new product iteration, Envicool has undergone three major upgrades in terms of dynamic and environmental monitoring, helping customers achieve scientific and convenient operation and maintenance.


The all-around integrated computer room dynamic and environmental monitoring system adopts a "scientific management mode", and with the assistance of environmental collection modules, it can achieve 24/7 comprehensive, unified, centralized monitoring and management of the power and environmental systems in the computer room.


The environmental control system can use AI intelligent analysis to automatically alarm and change the color of the ambient light in parallel after discovering abnormalities. At the same time, it can remotely notify the operation and maintenance personnel of the computer room through SMS, APP and mobile phone.


It supports 2D and 3D visual operation and maintenance management, displaying the actual computer room environment, cabinet layout, equipment status, power supply and distribution links, etc. in a dynamic and three-dimensional manner.


Nowadays, Envicool has achieved comprehensive coverage in the field of computer room construction, and provided products and services covering the entire lifetime, such as consulting, scheme design, engineering construction, system testing, post operation and maintenance.


In the process of continuous growth and accumulation of experience, Envicool has become the long-term partner for telecom operators such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and internet enterprises such as Tencent, as well as customers in various fields such as government, finance, and transportation etc.