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Intelligent free cooling energy-saving solution for BTS

Around 40% to 50% of the overall power consumption is used for cooling equipments inside a telecom base station (BTS). Free cooling unit (FCU) is one kind of the most efficient solution in BTS to lower down the cooling power consumption in most of the regions. When the ambient temperature is under certain level, the FCU could replace the air conditioner to cool the BTS room, while its energy efficiency ratio (EER) could be 10 times higher than air conditioner. The annual saving rate could be achieved from 30% to 80% in different region’s climate situation. In the regions like Russia, the free cooling system could even fully replace the air conditioning system in the BTS shelter in all the seasons. Telecom operators could leverage from the free cooling solution both in their Capex and Opex.


Envicool’s free cooling solution is basing on our strong control technology and know-how in equipment cooling. The controller of Envicool’s FCU controls not only the fan’s running and speed, but also handling the co-operation between the FCU and BTS air conditioners. At the same time, it takes over the leading function of the overall BTS room in thermal control and provides the monitoring interface to the center office. A good controller and the embedded running logic are the key to ensure the whole system’s stability and high saving rate.

Envicool is providing the indoor wall-installed free cooling system, while the outdoor-installed models with the advantage of space-saving as well. Both DC-power input and AC-power input models are available for different applications. Different standard of filters could be selected in the configuration to get different level of cleanness and the efficiency result for the solutions.