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EM series cabinet monitor


Installation:Box mounting、19-inch

Configuration:LCD module、No display

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EM series monitoring system for outdoor cabinets is an environment monitoring and temperature control product designed for communication cabinets. It integrates the function of cabinet environment monitoring and environment temperature control.

The system can acquire and report the various real-time environment values, including the fire, door solenoid, flood, surge protection, temperature, and humidity. There are multiple ways for reporting the data. The system can also monitor the intelligent downstream equipment in real-time, such as air conditioners, heat exchangers, power supply, and MDF alarm devices, thus completing the integrated monitoring function of the cabinet.

EM series monitoring system for outdoor cabinets is applicable for outdoor communication cabinets of the marginal network, access network, and 3G network, outdoor power cabinets, outdoor control cabinets, telecom wireless BSs, Distributed BSs, and mini computer rooms.


·1U 19-inch standard rack mounting; connecting cables on the front panel of the unit, which saves space and facilitates installation and maintenance;

·Optional human-machine interface (HMI) displayed in Chinese , facilitating onsite parameter checking and setting;

·Real-time clock and large-capacity memory capable of saving records and temperature/humidity data for over a year;

·With operating indicator, alarm indicator, and buzzer;

·Setting the LED in the cabinet to on/off when opening/closing the door through the access control function;

·Heat dissipation fan control function capable of adjusting the speed of the fan according to the temperature set and detecting the failure of the fan;

·The downstream unit can be connected to the air conditioner, heat exchanger, power supply, and electric meter through the isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 port;

·The upstream unit can be connected to the wired or wireless Modem through the RS232/RS485/RS422 port;

·Ethernet port supporting TCP/IP and HTTP protocols.

·Any computer in the network can monitor and maintain the cabinet monitoring equipment;

·5V, 12V, 24V power supply;

·48V power supply, with reverse connection protection and soft startup functions.